DEAR MISS MANNERS: I’m a 21-year-old girl who may be very shut with my 86-year-old grandmother, and I see her weekly. Generally when my pals come up in dialog, my grandmother will discuss with the feminine ones as my “girlfriends.”

Judith Martin 
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I discuss with all my pals as “pals,” no matter gender. I’m additionally bisexual, which my grandmother is aware of and accepts, however she continues to discuss with my feminine pals as “girlfriends,” even understanding the likelihood that I might have a romantic girlfriend.

I’ve politely corrected her when she refers to a feminine pal as my girlfriend — “I’m not courting her, we’re simply pals” — however she continues to do it. She is in good condition, bodily and mentally, and he or she holds progressive opinions, so it’s probably not a matter of an outdated canine not having the ability to be taught new methods.


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